Lance’s Letter for June………

It was providential.  That’s how Leslie describes good things that happen to us.  And it was providential that granddaughter Ellen flew in to see us on a business trip at the end of May.  Ellen, related to Leslie by blood and to me by love, is a high tech wiz and a fiery Aries, good with machines and fixing things. She got on Leslie’s computer and discovered that the hard drive was about to poop out.  Quack, quack, quack.  But she saved the day by saving all Leslie’s info, including this mailing list, and transferred it to a new hard drive which she installed on our kitchen table. Then she helped me set up my new software and computer – help you know I really needed if you read last week’s letter.  On Sunday, she joined me in the poker game I play at a local bar. And she did really well.  At the end of the game, there were four players left: Bob the nice guy, John the whiner, Ellen and me.  Of course, she was born in Texas and still lives in Austin, so our game of Texas hold’em poker is something she has a natural instinct for. We hated to see her leave but know she really loved our spot in Washington and will be back.  Right now we are in a heat wave with temperatures setting new records up and down the coast.  It’s much worse in California and even Oregon while we don’t suffer badly with a gentle sea breeze keeping the air cool and fresh even while the Sun is really hot.  It’s amazing to me how hot the sun is here.  On days when the temperature is just 65, the warmth of the sun when it’s out, makes it extremely comfortable.  We’ve had good and bad news from the natural world.  The bad news is that more than 70 gray whales have died and washed up on our beaches of late. No word from the scientists on why it’s happening.  The good news is the birth of a new baby orca we see swimming next to mom in the Salish Sea. And the new baby appears to be in good health and will survive they say.  Our place is surrounded by color and lovely flowers Leslie has cultivated over the last month.  Huge purple and white delphiniams rise up high into the sky from the garden floor and delight us from the front yard and through the living room windows.  Mike and Dave, our neighbors, have a tomato growing contest every year and the heat is on.  But the strange thing is Leslie has more tomatoes on her vines than they do.  However her best plant was given to her by Mike who sneaks over and waters it surreptitiously– the whole thing is too funny to me, but I will eat their success and hope all have a good crop to harvest.  Leslie has the love that makes flowers, veggies,  and me, strong and grow.  This same energy makes her fairly lucky at slots, too.  Some people have it, but most don’t.  I tried to help several gamblers way back when I first realized the magnitude of information available from astrology.  We tried buying stocks, too, using their incorporation dates as birth charts.  Results were not great – we lost a lot of money.  What is available to see in a birth chart is the ability to do something: paint a picture, build a house, write a book.  But you can’t tell the design of the house or subject of the book from the chart.  There are definitely hints in the rest of the chart and the houses that hold planets give another kind of clue.  The example is Leslie, who has a very strong Venus in Leo, suggesting a love of games, beauty, and being as artistic as she can in day to day living – Venus also attracts love and money.  A key to her story is that her Venus is in her 8th house = money held by others.  And it works out in her life, in one way, to be lucky at gambling.  She won’t come and play poker; her game is the penny slot machines.  And the second thing we can see in astrology is timing.  We always wait for the good aspects in her chart and the Skywatch to hit a local casino.  That’s why the Skywatch is so important – the energy in the sky acts like a trigger to the current energy in your chart.  Watch what happens when there are Mars squares in the heavens, even to the Moon.  People that are already angry will act out and release their Martian fire.  When there are good Venus aspects in the Skywatch, Leslie has better luck than usual if her chart is already happy.  Does she always win?  No.  Some times are much better than others and some are providential.  We enjoy the ride.

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  1. Pamela

    Always good to have a computer guru in the family! Glad things worked out and Happy summer to you and Leslie! Always enjoy your newsletters


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