Lance’s May Letter…………

Dear Friends,                                                                             May 13, 2016

A list of things to do sits in plain sight on my desk.  I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life and it used to be possible to do it in my ’68 VW Bus.  This move takes the cake, and because we have a house to sell, there is a list of people to bring in and fix this and that before we put it on the market.

Leslie is in Washington right now checking out houses to rent.  Peter has found 6 possibilities that fit our needs just minutes away from where he lives.  So we are getting really excited and plan to fly out in early June leaving an empty house and a good agent to sell it.  Leslie found a really good home for Muffin and she’s already a part of a new household.  Nigella and BW, the two feral cats we had fixed and who are getting much sweeter, we will probably take to The Cattery, an outfit that takes all kinds and helps them find homes.

I do like the process of clearing out shelves of stuff we haven’t touched in years and giving it away.  No garage sales.  Books to the library.  Anything of value to the needy.  Letting go of the past – those were the days.

And suddenly I am 68 years old.  This is how crazy this number is as when I see a picture of a sexy woman in her 40’s, I think: it’s too bad I am too young for her.  Inside, I am still 23.  But, I have recently realized how wonderful it is to have the power of a grandfather which I now possess.  This power is wonderful and makes me clean up my act around kids and really enjoy buying them a soda and giving them some kind of a compliment, something positive.

I am still learning the trade of grandfather, however.  But I see that is a gift that helps me love on people and often brings me a great smile from the mother with a new baby whom I compliment and coo over at the grocery store.  I still have to ride those electric carts there, but the men who work there see me coming and have one ready for me to use in my shopping.  In general, I get lots of respect from folks here and appreciate the kindness greatly as I’m still gimpy.

But I can drive and I spent some hours out on the back roads the last few days.  Every field is green.  Some with corn up as high as your waist.  Some with long rows of cotton plants just getting the first ten leaves out and very healthy.  Every field is planted with either cotton, corn or sorghum.  We are five inches over normal rainfall right now which is why the fields are so beautiful. But the lakes are only at 44% full, and here we are heading into a long, hot Summer in Texas.

Leslie is ready to get out west where she can pick strawberries, raspberries and blueberries this Summer in the “u pick ‘em farms”.  She is an Earth Muffin at heart. Her favorite spot on Earth is the Farmer’s Market.  We have a small one here in Corpus Christi.  Bellingham has a big one with all the local fruit and produce, food trucks and it’s a party every Saturday afternoon – we will be there.

It’s not easy to leave some good friends we’ve made here.  And it is a really strange feeling, with anxiety attached, to be preparing to move 2,300 miles away to a place I have never been before.  However, I have lived on the west coast for more than 20 years and loved it.  The forests and mountains are fabulous and I’ve seen enough of them to know I will totally enjoy the vistas and scenery in Washington.  It will rain, but the weather is not a concern.    Because the weather inside our house will be so nice as the smell of spices and Texas chili fill the air from a pot cooking on the stove – my specialty.  And we hear Peter’s car parking in our drive way and see him coming in the door to sit down, dig into his first bowl of red, and give us the news of his day.  Yes, yes, yes.  We know where we are going.  And we can’t wait to get there.  As times change.

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