Lance’s November Letter……….

Friends,                                                                                           October 11, 2017

The sky is dark with heavy clouds on the deck and occasional thunder in the distance – rain soon is certain. We’re cozy with a little gas fireplace going and happy to be working and living in Birch Bay.

Pumpkins are all over, but Autumn is taking lots of time to unfold. It’s amazing to me that the locals here plant trees all over town, in the middle of a mostly evergreen forest, and they are deciduous - the falling golden leaves now are spectacular.  The leaves on our maples in the backyard are just starting to turn scarlet, and we look forward to the change of seasons.  Hundreds of Canadian geese have been in the neighborhood flying from the abandoned golf course across the street to the beach.  Can’t miss their E flat honk and the “V” formations.

The Kodak moment was seeing a bald eagle fly across our path with something in his talons.  He came back over us, and we could see a large fish, maybe 9 inches, clutched tightly.  There were four or five seagulls following him, but still keeping their distance, until he landed way up at the top of a huge 90-foot spruce – likely a nest there.  Not a minute later a second bald eagle flew out over the bay, clearly in our line of sight.  It was fabulous.

We’ve been out on the two-lane county roads enjoying the countryside and the interesting combination of farms, dairies and country estates that pop up on just about every road we’ve been down.  Some roads climb up high on a ridge, and you can see to Canada.  When you come down into the valleys, you look up, and there is snow covered Mt Baker in full view, an active volcano we are told. But he looks harmless, like a gentle guardian of the heavens.  On the back roads, you can spot the old farms by the chimneys/fireplaces.  They are always centered in the middle of the old houses – early central heating.   They usually have a huge firewood pile nearby.  The biggest I saw was a stash of cut wood 8 feet long and 10 feet high covered with a roof – a ladder there was used to get wood off the top of the pile – it looked dangerous, but there was enough wood stacked for ten Winters.

Local signs along the road include: "chikin" and duck eggs, rhubarb, artisanal cheese, sweet corn (six for a dollar) and fresh hay.  The forest is soothing to Leslie and me.  Driving into a wall of ferns and massive pine, spruce and fir trees also fills our lungs with the sweet clean air and every now and then I see why the lumber industry was so big here long ago. Huge stumps are left in some areas: 6 or 7 feet across.  Most of these huge trees have been harvested, and now I understand what they mean about old growth forests.

Train crossings are also part of the scenery, and we get caught at a RR crossing often.  And it’s not a short wait. Long freight trains pulled by four locomotives rumble back and forth day and night from Canada to the refinery nearby.  I do love to hear their whistles late at night – it’s an old lullaby.

I am ahead of my usual schedule and have the 2018 Datebook together.  If you want to order a new reading for your personal astrology for 2018, I urge you to order it now while I have time.  There is always a big rush for readings in December, and I can’t always fulfill every order on time.  If you have never had a timing reading from me consider this offer.  Send me your date, time (check your birth certificate) and city of birth in a note in the post.  I will create your birth chart, analyze the transits or timing events in your chart for 2018: when to hold ‘em and when to fold’em.  I’ll record a one-hour cd with this info. And include the 2018 Long-Range Datebook with your reading.  The fee is $150.  Send a check along with your info to PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231 or use pay pal or your credit card – You do this by calling Leslie with your number at 360-392-8338.  She’s a dear Cancer and a delight to know.

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