LOOKING AHEAD: AUGUST 2013 and the pdf is now available to all members

Caution lights. A challenging Cardinal T-Square lines up in the heavens in August as Jupiter gets tangled up in the Uranus Pluto battle.
So we’ll see Jupiter in Cancer lining up exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn on August 7. Oppositions can bring a time of agreement and cooperation—a marriage. Or they spark a battle with opposing sides in court and a divorce.
This opposition really started powering up in late July, and of itself is not a really difficult aspect. But it does suggest a time to be moderate in our commitments and expectations. Pluto can spend more than Jupiter can make. Be very careful with finances in August and don’t let someone talk you into buying something you don’t need.
Making this situation worse is that Jupiter travels on to square unpredictable Uranus on August 20, and this square creates a giant T in the heavens in Cardinal signs which always want to react immediately. But that’s not necessarily the best course of action in August. Problems with travel, electricity, computers and unprecedented situations are certain to complicate your plans with this powerful formation in the Skywatch. Jupiter is the gambler and will tempt you to expand beyond your means. Better to slow down and back off in August. This is not a good month to make major changes, or if you do, keep your options open until after the square expires—you might change your mind. Avoid legal challenges (Jupiter) this month and stay under the speed limit in all areas.
Something shocking (Uranus) is bound to be in the headlines as the truth comes out with Pluto’s ability to be the detective and uncover the facts. For all of us, this is a good month to clean up a situation in our lives and to throw out stuff/feelings/attitudes we no longer need or want (Pluto). This will be a tough time for teenagers and revolutionaries as Uranus wants freedom and independence and prompts a spirit of rebellion that can lead to violence and lawlessness.
Best of all, this is a temporary pattern that will evaporate by Labor Day as Jupiter quickly sails away from the Uranus Pluto conflict. But there’s something to be learned from the Jupiter square to Uranus which usually prompts the truth to come out in some way in our lives—our mission is to pay attention and listen.

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