April fools for certain.  There’s an exceptionally confusing planetary pairing in the Skywatch as we begin April. Mercury in dreamy Pisces again exactly conjuncts spacey and often foolish Neptune in the heavens during the first two days of the month.

Mercury will continue to swim on in watery Pisces until April 17 when the messenger planet will finally enter Spring sign Aries.  This is a very late date for Mercury to get out of Winter sign Pisces and suggests late freezes and Winter weather holding on later than usual this year.

Mercury rules the winds, influences our weather patterns, and normally enters Aries in mid to late March.  If you’ve been confused about a matter as the month opens and hoping for some clarity in your thinking, this shift into Aries is likely to give you a fresh blast of mental energy which can help you make the right decision and see the facts without the cloudy idealistic influence of Neptune.            

The Moon trines sweet Venus in the morning on Easter Sunday—lots of chocolate bunnies will be devoured then, and you’ll be likely to enjoy family, friends and the day as the rest of the Skywatch, with the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, is friendly and upbeat.

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