Keep your foot on the gas. We are now in a rare period of time in the Skywatch when all planets are traveling direct in motion in the heavens. This means there is little up above to slow you down or complicate your plans. Problems that arise then this month are more likely to come from your actions rather than others. Pluto will turn Retrograde on April 27 but his Rx cycle doesn’t really slow us down at all. So this is a very good month to tackle high priority matters and to get involved with others in work and play.

      Three different planets change signs this month and all can be helpful. Spring weather may be a bit late this year as Mercury, ruler of the winds, doesn’t enter Spring sign Aries until April 3, which is almost two weeks later than usual. New ideas and plans are likely to be born as Mercury runs through charged up Aries. This is the placement Einstein had in his natal chart and part of the reason he was so brilliant in coming up with new ideas and concepts. Mercury is the speediest of all the planets and he will finish his run in Aries and enter Taurus on April 18.

      Venus begins the month in Aries, not her favorite sign, but she enters earthy Taurus on April 14 and will remain in the money sign until May 8. This sets up a stellar window of time to make financial decisions and to buy and sell property and the accumulated stuff in your garage. Having Mercury also traveling through Taurus until he enters Gemini on May 3 will help you make good decisions and investments.

      Likely the most notable planetary change this month will be feisty and energetic Mars leaving Gemini and entering emotional Cancer on April 23. Mars can be crude and rude; Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is extremely sensitive, getting her feelings hurt with less than a whisper. As always, we need to use this Mars energy so it won’t use us. Mars has muscles and this period of time that lasts until June 11 is a very good one to put energy and work into your home and surroundings. Cooking new dishes that delight is also a good use of this energy—Cancer rules the stomach. However, eating when you are emotionally cranky is likely to upset your tummy, too, during this Mars cycle. So paint the room now and get your garden in order. Mars enters Leo when the Cancer period ends and Leo wants to party and have fun, and you’ll be ready.

      APRIL KISS DAYS: 1, 6, 10+, 15, 22. The 10th is a day of Grace and stellar for work or play plans. The 22nd is a very good day for buying a car, computer, new phone or all high tech stuff.

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