The heat is on.  We begin the month with a New Moon in fiery Leo joined by Venus, Mars, and Mercury, all in the sign of the Lion.  Add Jupiter, now in fire sign Sagittarius, to this group, and we have a preponderance of fire signs in the Skywatch encouraging all of us to spend time in the Sun and to adventure and play in August.  Las Vegas and amusement parks are Leo’s favorite playgrounds - I suspect crowds will fill both arenas.  The sign that rules our children and the child inside us all sparks a creative and playful attitude in most folks.  Romance and sexual attention to others are also sparked by planets in the sign that rules France and heroes/lovers, Pepe le Pew and Inspector Clouseau.

Adding more energy to romances and marriage proposals in August, Venus and Mars will travel through Leo hand in hand for most of the month, then enter Virgo and conjunct on the 23/24th.  Mars eagerly reaches for Venus with love and with passion, but he can also be selfish and impatient by starting an argument and a fight with his loved ones.  Challenges in relationships are most likely when the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 15th opposes both planets in the heavens.  A sweeter connection and fabulous day to propose marriage or any other important request appears on the 30th when a New Moon in Virgo conjuncts both Venus and Mars in the Skywatch while the Moon trines Saturn and Uranus.  It’s a day of Grace and an especially good day for initiating new plans and putting your wishes and needs out on the table. Notable: Jupiter ends his four-month Retrograde cycle that began last April on August 11th. And again, green lights come on for travel, expanding your field of interests and handling all legal matters—all Jupiter ruled.

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