The Retrograde parade gets another cowboy to join this month as Uranus appears to back up in the heavens on August 19 joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto — table for five. The idea here is be very cautious making long-range and one-time decisions and deals as conditions may change in a big way once these big planets return to direct motion.

        Meanwhile, there’s excellent energy in the heavens to tackle the important details and small stuff you’ve neglected this Summer. Most helpful is that Venus and Mars begin August in analytical and efficient Virgo, an earth sign ruled by intelligent Mercury. Virgo also rules our pets and this pair makes the entire month a good time to take the kitty to the vet and/or to get a new puppy or kitten.

        Save any decorating or beauty treatments for the days when Venus travels through artistic Libra. This once a year three + week cycle of charming Venus traveling through her home sign begins on August 15 and will end when Venus enters Scorpio on September 10. Venus in Libra also kicks on the green lights for all social plans, reunions and meeting new friends and romantic possibilities. Air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius especially.

        This is an exceptionally good month to purchase a car, computer, phone or any high-tech equipment. Start comparing prices and equipment early in the month. Mars in Virgo amps up your ability to research a purchase and when he trines Uranus, ruler of everything electrical, on Aug 20-21, you are very likely to purchase something that fits your needs and that will last (yes, cars are ruled by Uranus—internal combustion engines need a spark and won’t run without a battery and electricity).  

AUGUST KISS DAYS: 2, 11+, 21, 28. (Get the August pdf to read the rest.)

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