The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all spend time in earthy Virgo this month. Virgo is ruled by clever Mercury, ruler of the fine print. Be sure to double-check the details and be sure to hang on to receipts, messages, letters and business cards as you are likely to meet people this month whose value is not apparent at the moment, but they may prove to be extremely helpful to your cause in the days ahead. Heads up Taurus and Capricorn birth signs as these Virgo planets kiss your Sun—get your order out on the table and make an appearance—the Force is with you.

Virgo rules our pets and all small animals, so this is a good month to get a new kitty or to take yours to the veterinarian. And with beautiful Venus and lucky Jupiter making a contact in the Skywatch this month, the odds are very good a Grand Champion puppy will be born somewhere. Virgo also rules our health and the holistic way and means of treating it. So this is a very good month to start any kind of new diet or exercise plan—the energy in the Skywatch now can carry you long enough to make new healthy habits permanent.

The stinker of the month appears in the heavens on August 13 when Jupiter makes an inconjunct to Uranus. This is a minor aspect that can cause problems with electricity, computers, and the rebellious tribes. Lots of folks won’t be disturbed by this one, but you may have trouble getting service or people to pay attention for a few days preceding this aspect. Be flexible in your planning and open to a detour around this date. And pay extra attention to the kids and critters as minor accidents are certain for some. This marker is not likely to give you any real problems, just a new complication to work through.

Mercury begins another Retrograde cycle on Aug 29 which will continue until Sept 22. You’ve noticed all the Mercury Rx cycles are in earth signs this year—they are always in just one element and were all in air signs last year. Sweet Venus and lucky Jupiter join Mercury in the heavens during the last weekend of the month, just before the Rx cycle begins. This trifecta of planets is rather rare in the Skywatch and sets up a stellar weekend for social plans, introductions, family reunions, on and on.

Mars finally leaves intense Scorpio on Aug 2 and enters adventuresome Sagittarius for a seven week run. Sag energy is optimistic, fiery and full of promise—you’ll notice the change in the people’s attitude around you once Mars enters the sign of the Centaur. Mars entered Scorpio last Jan 4, and except for a short run in Sag, has been in Scorpio since then. That means Mars has been sitting in one little section of your birth chart for the last seven months—hopefully you’ve settled an issue that he has raised during this time. Mars will pass his shadow, the point he turned Rx, on Aug 22. The year begins again, in a way, in the weeks that follow

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