This will be a Christmas to remember. I guarantee it. Plan to do most of your shopping before Mercury again Retrogrades on Dec 19 in Capricorn. We do get lucky on this Rx cycle as Mercury floats peacefully up river until Jan 8 and makes only positive connections with the other planets on this journey. We have much better days this month for work and play from this fact and from the powerful lineup of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in the Skywatch.

Two brand new aspects form in the heavens this month and both involve Uranus. “Business man” Saturn will trine Uranus, the ruler of everything high tech and electrical, including cars, on Christmas Eve. Two days later Jupiter will oppose Uranus and this one opens the doors to both winners and losers—there’s always an unpredictable element in matters touched by Uranus.

The Saturn trine is fairly rare, once every 20 years, and hangs around through nearly all of 2017. Saturn is the old guard. Uranus brings the new techniques. This pair encourages you to make changes that preserve the integrity of the structure. Saturn is practical; Uranus is inventive. A trine blends their forces and can make something wonderful from the combination. And that’s why this marker is bound to be very good news for some high tech companies over the holiday season. But not all of them. Jupiter sitting opposite Uranus guarantees that some of the failures will be as spectacular as well.

The danger for all of us is in going overboard in expansion, debt and expectations—all ruled by Jupiter. His opposition to Uranus is in power all month long and will hang out through early March.

DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 1, 9, 13, 23, 24+, 25+, 26, 27. This is the sweetest Skywatch I’ve ever seen for the holidaze. Venus makes three kisses on Christmas Day! The good vibes continue as Kwanzaa celebrations begin. Just remember to save receipts and double-check the details during the days Mercury is Rx.

DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 7, 15, 31+. Not many, but be very careful New Year’s Eve as Mars meets drunk Neptune in the heavens that night.

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