Looking ahead to December 2019

There’s lots of positive energy in the Skywatch in December and many excellent days for holiday festivities and shopping. The main event is generous and lucky Jupiter lining up in a trine to friendly Uranus on December 15. Uranus rules cars, computers, telephones, and everything high tech —all likely to be in high demand and favorite gifts this year. This trine also encourages and welcomes our involvement with good friends and organizations with humanitarian and charitable concerns — all ruled by Uranus.

A Solar Eclipse and New Moon on December 26 conjuncts optimistic Jupiter setting up a stellar day and following a two-week period to start a new era in your life and to plant seeds that can bloom in 2020. And it marks a lovely start to Kwanzaa celebrations as well.

Changes: Jupiter enters earth sign Capricorn on December 2 and will travel through the sign ruled by conservative Saturn until December 2020. Jupiter rules the process of expansion and is somewhat restricted in Capricorn. The message here is to be realistic and careful in expanding your business or other concerns during this year-long period. Of course, this sign change is most helpful to Capricorn natives and the other two earth signs: Taurus and Virgo.

The Skywatch on Christmas Day is mellow. The Moon is in easygoing Sagittarius early Christmas morning and turns Void of Course at 6:18 am PST. Clear skies prevail thereafter until the Moon ends the V/C cycle by entering old-school Capricorn at 4:45 pm PST. She travels on to trine friendly Uranus at 9:45 pm PST suggesting a warm and loving atmosphere around the Christmas tree that evening.

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