We’ll be back in the high life again after Mercury resumes direct motion on December 6. Because again all planets will be in direct motion on this date until Uranus Turns Rx in early January 2019. Expect an active and busy holiday season, likely one of the best financially and spiritually in some time. The most difficult days are nearly all in the first half of the month.

There’s good news in the Skywatch at the Winter Solstice which creates a positive chart for the Winter season. And astrological skies are pleasant on Christmas Day. However, suggest you make important preparations early and get settled in on Christmas Eve as Mercury squares confused Neptune that afternoon and it’s a guaranteed to be a difficult day/time to tie up last minute stuff.

The Moon is in generous and loving Leo on Christmas day and the only problem I see in the Skywatch that day leads to giving in and eating the second piece of pie.

We get a special burst of energy New Year’s Eve as fired-up Mars leaves watery Pisces and enters home sign Aries at 6:20 pm! It’s a great way to start a new year with the planet that rules new beginnings moving into his home sign. Likely it will be a night to remember.

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