The times are a-changin'.  And in a big way.  BOTH Jupiter and Saturn (after being in Retrograde since last May) leave conservative Capricorn and enter eccentric and often rebellious Aquarius this month.  Moreover, they will meet in the heavens in December, a rare once in 20-year event.  These two giants will meet in the heavens on the day of the Winter Solstice, December 21.This conjunction has two flavors: it helps those with patience and perseverance succeed. And it encourages self-confidence and honesty in most folks.  However, the negative reaction to this pair of planets sharing energy (and it is a weird pair: expansion meets contraction) will be dissatisfaction with oneself as well as with others and self-destructive thinking and actions.  With rebellious and insistent Aquarian energy in this mix, there's even more likelihood of way off the norm encounters and situations appearing in your home or office in December.  The old lore I know is that this is a timing symbol.  Either the best or worst time to take action depending on how you have set up your life.  Best then to consider all possibilities very carefully this month.     DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 8, 12, 14+, 15, 25, 26. Christmas and Kwanzaa are both on this list - happy hoildaze! DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 9, 13, 23+. Not many, but do note that Mars in feisty Aries squares dangerous Pluto in Capricorn—cardinal signs which want to go to action—on the 23rd. MIX MASTER: 10. An emotional storm accompanies a positive healing event.


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    If you would like to see all of the Kiss and Quack days for each month of 2021 please purchase the Skywatch Long-Range Datebook. This is available in both pdf and print ( in the event that you do not have access to the internet).


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