You can expect some new developments around your home or office this month. All planets are in direct motion increasing the flow of positive energy and reducing the tendency for small delays to get in your way. Plus, innovative Uranus is now rocking along again in eager Aries, having left Taurus last November. Uranus encourages thinking that is outside the box and open to changes and new directions. 

 Additionally, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all moving into new territory in February. Which helps spark new situations and opportunities to expand your field of operations and to open doors to new sources of profit and success. It’s unusual that all three advance at the same time. Yes, yes, yes. So this is a very good month to put plans into action that have been gestating or delayed for some reason.

We have Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in dependable and conservative Capricorn in February. Mars enters another earth sign, Taurus on February 14. Earth signs have common sense and a good ability to appraise the value of a person or item - and we all get to “borrow” some of that talent this month. Ready to buy a new car or another important purchase? This is a good month to do it and especially if you use one of the kiss days to finalize the deal.

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