A fresh wind with the call for freedom and independence is blowing and will spark the creation of new inventions and a touch of rebellion in some folks in February. All due to five planets traveling through liberal and humanitarian Aquarius in February. Venus enters this air sign on the 2nd, joining Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in a giant posse. Notable is that both of the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are in this group, which will give the house associated with Aquarius in your birth chart a huge boost, which could make a dream come true. Moreover, we have a lovely New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, which is accompanied by a very sweet Venus Jupiter conjunction.  We had six planets in Aquarius in part of February 1962. People born then are likely to get quite a ride this month as six planets touch their natal six - a once in a lifetime event.

      We have an unusual lineup of positive days and a huge stress marker during the Mercury Rx cycle this month. First, the good news is we have five kiss days in a row in February, beginning with a day of Grace and New Moon on the 11th followed by four more kiss days in a row-this is very unusual.  Trouble follows as conservative Saturn in Aquarius lines up in a square to unpredictable and eccentric Uranus in Taurus, both rulers of Aquarius, on February 17. Mark this day in your calendar as big problems with power systems, cars, computers, and complete fools are all more likely in the face of this challenging square that tests our ideas and commitment to our thinking.  Some folks will give up during this event while others will make adjustments and continue on with a new attitude—you get to choose how you respond to the pressure of these two giant forces, which will return in the Skywatch again in June and December of this year. Saturn is the tester; Uranus usually brings something unexpected.

      FEBRUARY KISS DAYS: 5, 11+, 12, 13, 14 , 15, 20. Remember, Mercury is Retrograde during all these dates.


  1. Julie

    Hmm. My ephemeris shows the moon in Cancer on February 23, and your posting mentions that day as being a new moon….

  2. lance ferguson

    sorry…my booboo…you got it right…looking at New Moo on 11th I instead saw it was in 23 degrees of Aquarius and traded numbers….


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