We begin the year with three planets in their home signs which lets their power shine through in a big way.

Lucky and expansive Jupiter is in Sagittarius encouraging some kind of expansion and growth in your life depending on which house in your chart this most helpful planet transits.  Conservative and practical Saturn is in Capricorn increasing the demands on your life to stay committed and responsible even in the face of tests and challenges which are likely to show up in the months ahead.

Spiritual and creative Neptune is traveling through home sign Pisces now and for the next five years.  Of course, each planet has a dark side as well as helpful energies.

Jupiter feeds dogmatic thinking and greed in some folks; Saturn awakens a cold, selfish attitude in some pilgrims.  While Neptune fogs up our thinking at times and leads some to deceit and perfidy, along with alcohol and drug problems.

And it’s very likely you will see both sides of these planets in January as we have a complicated and busy Skywatch.


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