Mars is now direct in his motion and still in powerful Scorpio, a sign he co-rules. He now brings us fabulous energy to clean out the closets and to bring old furniture back to new life. Or to dive into a therapy that looks at our emotional conditioning. Scorpio wants to get down and get at the truth. Mars is pushy and impatient, but also willing to try something new. This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress. The right choice is the one you feel the strongest about. Scorpio is a water sign = feelings count.
New ideas will be flying through the ether in July. Mercury begins the month in early Cancer and then flies through that water sign and into fire sign Leo on the 13th. Mercury stays about two weeks in Leo and enters earth sign Virgo on the 30th. Mercury is moving at his fastest clip this month which encourages communications of all kinds in the biz world. If you want to appeal to folk’s emotions, send your message out while Mercury is in water sign Cancer. But if you want to advertise your theme park wait until Mercury is in fire sign Leo, the sign that rules playgrounds and having fun. Something practical that you want to share is best sent out when Mercury is in realistic earth sign Virgo. Different strokes of Mercury for different messages—something advertising agencies haven’t figured out yet.
There’s a New Moon on July 4, the nation’s birthday. That’s a very good sign in astrology—and makes for an extremely powerful Solar Return for the USA. New ideas and new initiatives will be floating through the headlines in the months ahead; new energy will fuel breakthroughs and positive situations encouraging all of us to support our country’s values and laws. This will be an important year for America. As to whether the new values/solutions that appear bring benefits for all, or don’t last more than the first few innings and only bring benefits to the wealthy, only time will tell.

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