Caution lights.  This month could mark a turning point in your life in some way. The Skywatch is unsettled, to say the least.  Mars continues to Retrograde and will not return to direct motion until Aug 27.  Mercury begins to Retrograde on July 26 adding another note of complexity to this month’s astrological weather. Having two personal planets Retrograde at the same time creates a critical period as backfires from mistakes made in this time-period are exacerbated by the two Rx cycles. This is when some folks will say and do things they wish they hadn’t.  And Fools will surface. Yes, yes, yes.

One less problem in the Skywatch is that Jupiter resumes direct motion on July 10.  The planet of expansion has been Retrograde since March 8 diluting our power to grow and expand in the last few months.  Not likely you’ll feel this one with Mercury and Mars both backing up now.  Again…this is a good time to be planning and building something to start after Mars goes direct Aug 27—especially since Jupiter will be direct then and powerful—ready to charge up your energy and make good things happen at the same time—this is money in the bank as far as good timing goes.

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