Looking ahead to July:

Caution lights. After July 1, we have eleven days of danger in the Skywatch because Mercury is still Retrograde until July 12.  And during this time impatient and feisty Mars travels through home sign Aries, which will lead some folks to speed, crash and burn or get into arguments they wish they had never started.  One of the problems with Mercury Rx is we may say things we later regret.  And note that the July 4th weekend is included in this accident-prone period of time. Add a long Moon Void of Course period, as we have on July 3, to this out of focus and super-charged Skywatch and we double the potential for trouble.

      We also have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in this window of time on July 5. I’ve put this day on the kiss list as the Moon sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto that night. So the potential for positive developments is high, but be aware the coyotes and fools will be out, too, and anger may take some pilgrims into a bad place that evening.

      Most helpful is the return of a big sextile between fortunate Jupiter and creative and spiritual Neptune on July 27. In power all month long, this positive marker has been hanging out in the heavens for two months and will again become exact next October. Be on the lookout for new opportunities this month as sextiles bring times of progress and success if we are willing to step out on new ideas and possibilities. Neptune rules our dreams and this is a good month to ask for answers and help in your dreams.  Shoes and our feet are also ruled by Neptune - this is a good month to see a podiatrist if you need to and to buy footwear.

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