Heads up! We have a lovely string of kisses and lots of good days to boogie in the first three weeks of June—get as much as possible done then; because two different planets are about to turn Retrograde which will complicate your plans and delay forward motion in the weeks ahead. The main event is the beginning of Mars Retrograde on June 26. Just like an old light switch in the cellar—sometimes it works, and the lights come on…and sometimes it doesn’t—your energy level will rise and fall as Mars continues to back up on the bases until August 27.

Mars begins this Rx cycle in air sign Aquarius, but he finishes in earth sign Capricorn. Put two signs together: the new ideas of Aquarius need to pass the practical test of Capricorn at the end to be valuable. This can be a critical time in the lives of two signs as Mars rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio. Often old matters resurface as Rx cycles tend to bring back people and conditions of the past. Whether it’s trouble or a windfall depends on how these planets fit into your birth chart and whether they agree with your planets or challenge them.

Additions: Neptune turns Retrograde on June 18. It’s not as difficult a five-month cycle as the personal planets, but he does throw up a cloud bank in the house he occupies in your birth chart. The positive part of this Rx cycle increases our ability to imagine and create from our own wellspring of talent. And we all have some.

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