A giant Mutable Grand Cross sets up in the heavens as the month begins. This formation is made up of four squares and two oppositions, challenging aspects that are bound to complicate matters around your home or office. Schedule the first four days lightly. Sweet Venus is in the middle of all this but is squared by Jupiter = don’t go overboard in your expectations and promises around the New Moon on Jun 1–4. Travel and communications problems are certain. More trouble follows.
Realistic Saturn squares idealistic Neptune on June 17. Saturn squares test us. Neptune is our dream/path. This square will hang around and reappear in Sept. The last time this square came through, many years back, a nearby small town built (Saturn) a fabulous new library spending millions of dollars, complete with coffee shop and a children’s center. The square to Neptune: after they finished the building they didn’t have any money left for books. True story. Mars Rx adds an unpredictable element to this confusing square and prompts us to stay conservative and to keep things simple in June, at least until this square goes by.
The good news in the Skywatch appears on June 26 when expansive Jupiter trines healing Pluto. This trine is really in power all month long but will be more helpful once we get past the big square. Jupiter is in Virgo, the sign associated with medicine and natural forms of healing. So this is a good month to start a diet or any kind of healthful program. Add Mars Rx to this trine and you need to give any new situation a few extra days to start showing you some progress. Pluto is one of the best at fixing things, and Jupiter is a good source of inspiration, hope and support. They can help you in any category you choose. The good vibes in the trine will linger into the days that follow—schedule something positive, healing, and good for your soul at months end. As times change.

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