Foot or horseback? You might not know which way you are traveling this month as we have the most confusing and difficult Mercury Retrograde in the Skywatch in March I’ve ever seen. This Rx cycle will be in dreamy Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

Some background here will help you understand spacey Neptune. He takes 164 years to make a complete orbit around the Zodiac in traveling through all the signs. On February 3, 2012, Neptune entered his home sign of Pisces and will stay in Pisces until March 2025. Any planet in a home sign becomes much more powerful—for better and for worse. Neptune is a space captain. His gifts inspire our imagination and creativity—poets, musicians, preachers, and spiritual healers all have powerful Neptune placements in their birth charts.

Dreams and visions are likely to be intense this month with all this psychic Piscean energy in the Skywatch; it might be helpful for you to keep a dream journal. This energy is exceptionally creative and can fuel some of your best work in any artistic field. Gemini and Virgo birth signs, ruled by Mercury, need to be extra careful with all the details of life in March. Our pets and all small critters are also ruled by Mercury and may need extra attention this month as small problems can get out of hand during this Rx cycle.

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