Stay committed to your path and challenges. Astrological skies are friendly through most of May.

There are more good days than troublesome this month. But get the important stuff done as early in the month as you can BECAUSE Mercury will again turn Retrograde on May 29. And this one could be a doozy as Mercury enters home sign Gemini on May 4. Mercury is the ruler of the winds and in home sign Gemini we can expect extreme storms and weather conditions while Mercury backs up on the bases until June 22. People often say things they wish they hadn’t during Mercury Rx and this will be happening more than usual, and with greater backwash, in this Rx window. Be very, very careful with anything important you communicate or promise—misunderstandings will be common.

We add another planet to the Retrograde list on May 22 when dependable Saturn appears to back up in the heavens. Rx cycles prompt us to review and revise our plans and actions. In this case we need to review our responsibilities—too many, too few? And to work on balancing these extremes in our life and times. Saturn also rules our ambitions and this is a window of time that lasts until October 11 to review our methods and processes for reaching those goals. Saturn makes this Rx cycle every year and is especially important to Capricorn birth signs ruled by Saturn, and to Aquarius folks whose sign is co-ruled by Saturn.

The biggest change in the Skywatch in May is Jupiter leaving Aquarius for a short spell on the 13th and sailing into the waters of Pisces. This is a good switch as Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces, along with spiritual Neptune. So Jupiter gains power and encourages a more spiritual attitude in all of us, also opening our awareness to our psychic and intuitive energies. Pisces is the sign of nurses and we are all likely in some way to be called into service while Jupiter swims in the sign of the Fishes. The visit will be brief as Jupiter will Retrograde back into Aquarius on July 28 but will return for a yearly visit to Pisces starting in late December. This is a beneficial change for the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio.

      MAY KISS DAYS:2, 6, 11, 12+, 28, 31. The 12th is a day of Grace and contains only positive markers. Something positive in the heavens also appears on the other days—use them for priority calls, appointments and meetings.

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