LOOKING AHEAD TO MAY: We all will be walking uphill in May. Park your expectations at the door. Delays, schedule changes, problems with travel, commitments, foreign connections and major screw ups are all more likely to occur with Mars and Mercury both Retrograde for the first three weeks of the month. Virgo and Gemini birth signs ruled by Mercury need to be especially careful with their dollars and choices during the Rx cycle. Mars Rx is particularly intense for Aries and Scorpio birth signs, both with Mars as ruler or co-ruler in Scorpio’s case.
The last chapter of a difficult planetary alignment also appears in the heavens on May 26 as optimistic Jupiter squares conservative Saturn. Jupiter always wants to expand and is idealistic. Saturn wants to conserve energy and is practical. This square has been hanging out in the heavens since March and tests (Saturn) our commitment and values in one area of our life. Pegged by many astrologers at a marker that brings “bad timing” in business, this challenging aspect is likely to put negative financial news in the headlines.

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