The first ten days are the best for important travels, calls and business this month as the Skywatch is upbeat and friendly. Venus travels through optimistic Sagittarius ruled by lucky Jupiter during these first ten days. Meanwhile, generous Jupiter is in Libra, ruled by Venus. This is called “mutual reception” when planets are in each other’s signs, and it’s a positive alignment that encourages the best side of both planets to appear in our consciousness and behavior. This is a stellar period of time for important appointments, meetings and sales calls. Yes, introductions and blind dates, too. Venus loves to meet new people and find romance. This delightful blend of energies actually began when Venus entered Sag on Oct 18 and ends when Venus enters Capricorn on Nov 11.

The main event this month is Jupiter lining up in a square to powerful Pluto on Thanksgiving Day. This marker will be in full force three to four weeks ahead of exact and through the rest of the month. Squares challenge us. Jupiter buys too much, promises too much, expects too much in a square. Pluto compounds Jupiter’s mistakes and often gets caught up in power struggles resulting in divorce, bankruptcies and legal battles that cost more than they are worth. Pluto squares typically bring a test of wills, temper tantrums, the need for compromise but little agreement in core issues.

World events are likely to be very ugly in the weeks leading up to this square. Pluto rules mass calamities. Travel is bound to be impacted, ruled by Jupiter. Pluto also rules criminals—don’t take your security for granted this month. This square shows up in the Skywatch once every six or seven years and will reform next Spring. The medicine for the square is simple: Don’t go overboard. And figure you’ll be short a dessert or two on Thanksgiving Day as Aunt Ruth gets a fever and can’t bring her apple pies. Travelers may not make it to your celebration on time as schedule changes and delays are certain in the face of the square.

Squares give us power. Use the energy of this square cleaning up a mess, untangling a bank account and/or bringing order to a part of your life where things have been chaotic. Avoid speculation with Jupiter. And sit tight. Honesty and good intentions override the square’s power to give you grief—most of us will cruise on past the moment with no great loss. But factor in this square for your holiday plans and stock your liquor cabinet accordingly.

Election Day Skywatch is spacey. The Moon is in Aquarius and she kisses Venus early in the morning on Nov 8. Luna then turns Void of Course until afternoon hours when she enters idealistic Pisces whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions which suggests the mood of the country reading about the election in the newspaper the next day.


NOVEMBER KISS DAYS: 2, 4, 10, 19, 20, 26, 27. This is the weakest set of Kiss days I’ve seen. Be sure to read the daily reports first thing on these days and you’ll be able to maximize the good aspects that do show up.


NOVEMBER QUACK DAYS: 18, 22, 23, 24+, 25, 29+, 30. Stay under the speed limit on these days. A New Moon at month’s end squares dreamy Neptune in the heavens suggesting a poor time to make changes. Wait. December’s soil is much more fertile.


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