Hold your horses. There’s a lot of static in the heavens during the first week of this month. Mercury continues to Retrograde until Nov 3. Complicating matters is that Mercury squares anxious and cynical Saturn on Nov 1 reducing the chances of receiving positive reactions to your needs and wishes. Mercury then stations, which means Mercury sits on the square all week long and makes the exact square again on Nov 6 after returning to direct motion. The best use of this energy is to get your affairs and business organized and ready for the positive energy that will show up later in the month.

      And there will be an extremely positive blast of energy in the Skywatch in November. Optimistic and generous Jupiter again conjuncts persevering Pluto in the heavens on Nov 12. In power all month long, this pair of planets help us make major changes in our life and times that bring us more love, money, and a healing of some kind, IF you will take action this month and reach for something better in your life. The stars impel; they don’t compel.

      And if you are ready to end a relationship or bad situation in your life, make plans to do it on a Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon, that fills the heavens with light on Nov 30. Full Moons bring times of harvest and completion, stellar times to let go of negative habits, people, and matters that no longer support your growth and peace. An Eclipse is a super powerful lunation and is supported by Jupiter and Pluto who add horsepower to events that occur this month.

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