Fire and rain. There is a long list of kisses and quacks this month. And extremes marked “+” in each list.  Moreover, we all get a lesson in Scorpio energy this month. Mars entered the sign of the Scorpion and the Eagle in late October and will continue his run through this water sign in November.  Mars is extremely powerful in this sign that he co-rules with dangerous Pluto.  He will be joined this month by the Sun, Mercury and a New Moon on November 4 bringing Luna into the Scorpio group.

      Use the Scorpio energy this month to improve an area of your life. We can either use the energy or let it use us.  That’s the old lore and a good way to approach the different days of power that show up in the Skywatch in November.  Yes, yes, yes. Clean out the garage, reorganize your pantry, reach out for healing at all levels, and most of all, direct your will toward an important goal; another Scorpio gift is a powerful will that is part of the Force Luke uses.

      Unexpected events and surprises are very likely to show up this month with all this Scorpio energy as each planet will line up opposite unpredictable and rebellious Uranus—the most dangerous opposition appears on November 17 when Mars makes his difficult connection to the planet that rules cars, computers, everything electrical—all more likely to give you trouble at this time.

      The Skywatch on Thanksgiving features a Moon in fun-loving Leo that squares Uranus in the morning and Mars in the evening—neither event will burn the turkey or create a scene.

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