You’ll meet Mars in October. He spends the entire month in his favorite sign, Capricorn, which he visits for six weeks once every two years. Mars rules your muscles and he brings high energy and the courage to blaze a new trail or to start a major new event in your life in October. When he aligns in harmony with Neptune on Oct 11, we get a day of Grace. Mars energy always shows up a day or so ahead of the exact alignment with other planets. His positive connections typically make matters easier to deal with and usually bring help in some form.

Mars is a bully, a tyrant and aggressive as he squares Jupiter on Oct 5 and can be violent and destructive as he squares Uranus in Aries, the sign he rules, on Friday night, Oct 28. Road rage and worse are likely on both days and again on Oct 19 when Mars meets powerful Pluto in the heavens. These aspects appear in the Skywatch once every year or two; you’ve seen them come and go. Best still to note them in your calendar. This is when shit happens.

A big surge of rebellious and explosive energy lights up the Skywatch as the Full Moon in Aires is conjunct eccentric Uranus on Oct 15. Not a good day to travel or to handle important matters. Computer problems and communication breakdowns issue from Mercury squaring Pluto at the same time. This Full Moon creates a giant Cardinal T-Square with seven of the ten planets (calling the Sun and Moon planets for convenience) in signs that want to take action but also form squares to Mars and Pluto who don’t agree.

Positive changes in your life are just as likely with Uranus on board this month. The squares have the power to push you away from your failures and towards the better paths to follow. Look at your history and you will find that some of the best decisions you ever made happened during squares when thee were challenges that made you look at the truth. Mars gives you the energy to leave losing ideas and people behind and to find the guts to stay committed to the destiny you desire. For some this is “wake-up time.”

All this Capricorn energy also pushes you into making choices: What is priority in your life? In your job, your relationships, your spiritual quest, on and on. What really matters and what are you wasting your time on? Seven planets in Cardinal signs suggest a very, very good month to take action and to make changes that keep you on the path to your destiny.

A sneaky Jupiter Neptune inconjunct appears in the Skywatch on Oct 22–23 and will be a factor for a few days. Something confusing or deceptive issues from this pair. Strange sleep and dreams, too. I’ll have more details in the daily reports on this one. Best if you don’t plan anything complicated, dangerous or first time that weekend.

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