Changes. Pluto leaves the Rx cycle and is in direct motion again on October 1 and that leaves just Uranus and Neptune backing up in the heavens—they are the least likely to create problems. Pluto turning direct gives us a bit of a boost, especially for Scorpios and the Scorpio house in your birth chart.

But the peace and quiet won’t last as sweet Venus gives us the finger and turns Retrograde on October 5 in hypnotic and sexy Scorpio. The dark side of this Rx cycle invokes jealousy, revenge and the need to manipulate matters in some folks. Love and money are ruled by Venus. There’s a lot of healing positive energy in Scorpio, too, if we reach for it. Should problems surface in important relationships in your life during Venus Rx, you would be wise to try and talk things out and wait until after the Rx cycle ends on Nov16 to make any final decisions. The same advice applies about major first-time purchases. Shop and explore your options before you buy. It’s easy to pay too much or to buy something that doesn’t really satisfy you while Venus is Rx.


  1. Julie

    Retrograde Venus always has me picking out the WRONG color to repaint a room, or making changes to my hair or clothes that I regret later 🙁

  2. lance Ferguson

    yup….one of the dangers of Venus Rx is that it is very hard to match colors, including your hair…
    I know one family that had traditional furniture who bought all modern stuff during Venus Rx…hated it when the Rx cycle ended and went back to the old stuff at a high cost….your tastes changes during the Rx cycle but changes back when it’s over.

  3. Stephen

    I tend to find great deals during Venus Rx, including half price tiles for my kitchen remodel etc. These tend to be cool things which others have rejected because they are not fashionable right now. Each Venus Rx has at least one absolute steal in it. I am not complaining. 🙂

  4. lance Ferguson

    You are right, Stephen….many folks misjudge the value of what they are selling and sharp buyers can pick up a deal during Venus Rx.


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