There’s a big shift in the astrological weather this month. Best to make important calls and personal appearances during the first eight days of October while Venus travels with kindness and grace through her home sign of Libra. On October 8, Venus enters passionate Scorpio joining Mercury who enters this fixed water sign on the 3rd. This can be a time of healing and regeneration in your life as Scorpio’s passion and determination can prompt you to start a new, positive era in your life and give you the willpower to stay committed to your mission. This is an especially favorable event for water signs Cancer and Pisces.

Another Mercury Retrograde begins this month on October 31 and ends on November 20.  This is an excellent period of time to research a project or purchase; even in Retrograde, Mercury in Scorpio is tops at uncovering secrets and getting down to the root of a problem or question and finding a solution and the truth.

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