Get the important stuff done as early in the month as you can.  Because we’ve got double trouble in the Skywatch in October. Mars continues to Retrograde in impatient and feisty Aries all month long and will not end this Rx cycle until November 13. Making this Rx more difficult and potentially dangerous, Mercury will also Retrograde from October 13 to November 3 in passionate Scorpio, a sign ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars. This combination can lead to accidents, breakdowns and violence worldwide—caution lights are up, especially with anything difficult or dangerous.

      We do have a light in the middle of this difficult period: lucky Jupiter again makes a sextile to creative and spiritual Neptune on Oct 12. Again, this marker won’t motivate you to take action, but it does suggest you look for an opportunity to progress this month. Retrograde cycles often bring people and matters from the past to our present situation and these might hold some benefits to you in October with this sextile hanging out in the heavens.

      Another bit of good news appears in the heavens on October 27 when Mercury backs out of Scorpio and into gentle Libra reducing the power of Mars Rx to cause problems in our life and times. Moreover, sweet Venus enters home sign Libra that day as well. Two planets entering Libra turn the spotlight on relationships in both home/family and around the office. Justice and fair play are Libra issues and concerns which will become important topics over the next three weeks.

      Put a red “X” in your calendar on October 9 when Mars makes a very dangerous square to powerful Pluto (at 3:09 am PDT) especially with Mercury Rx adding a confusing element to the day.

      Pay extra attention to the kids and critters Halloween night. A Full Moon sitting exactly opposite rebellious and erratic Uranus will bring out the coyotes and wingnuts that night and the two Rx planets are bound to be the cause of some trouble or mischief as well.

      OCTOBER KISS DAYS: 5, 12+, 21, 24. There are lovely trines to sweet Venus on the last two days in this list—good days for social plans and business connections.

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