Times change.  Green lights.  Turning the page of the calendar feels like walking into a big new room with a view because there is a major shift of positive energy in the Skywatch this month as we thankfully leave behind the double Rx period.  Plus, responsible Saturn turns back direct in motion on Sept 6 and sits in a beautiful spot in the Zodiac making a trine to brilliant Uranus over the first two weeks.  Seems like we’ve had difficult astrology over the last few September periods, but not this year.  This trine is in earth signs: practical, efficient and blessed with common sense.  It’s an excellent marker for starting school, a new job or for making changes around your home or office this month.  And for taking a step up on your ladder of ambition, Saturn.  Yes, yes, yes.

The odds increase that you are successful in your endeavors this month due to a Jupiter Pluto sextile on September 12.  In power all month, these two planets account for more millionaires and famous folks than any others.  Look for opportunities to enlarge your view and position in life in September.  Gamble on yourself.

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