Get after the critical stuff in your life as early in the month as possible. We have seven planets in earth signs as we kick off September—this is rare and welcome. Earth signs are practical, have common sense, and help us take a realistic approach in all matters. Notable is the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in analytical Virgo over the first thirteen days of the month. This is a stellar time to handle important details in your life and to attend to health issues not only for you and family, but also your pets, also ruled by Virgo.

        Changes in the Skywatch show up on the 14th when Mercury and Venus both enter air sign Libra, which is ruled by Venus. This change kicks on the green lights for beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery, for buying art and planning social events. Consultants of all kinds are also Libra ruled, making the next 24 days a very good time for important appointments with the people who can help you. Love is in the air with Venus in Libra and singles who want a partner should get out on the dance floor during this once a year event.

        Trouble lurks this month as overindulgent Jupiter makes a square to impractical and unrealistic Neptune on the 21st. Illusions, deceit, errors, misunderstandings, and problems with drugs and alcohol all are more likely with this pair, along with strange sleep and dreams. Stay under the speed limit; don’t push your luck or gamble with the rent while this marker hangs out in the heavens all month long. Pisces birth signs especially, as these two planets are your rulers.

        Helpful is that ambitious and practical Saturn leaves his Retrograde cycle and returns to direct motion on the 18th. This is a good signal for all of us to turn our attention to working on priority plans and goals in the weeks ahead.

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