Looking ahead to September

A very low-energy period approaches. The most difficult Retrograde cycle of all begins on September 9 when aggressive Mars begins to appear to back up in the heavens in his home sign of Aries. As you might guess this is a difficult sign for Mars to Rx in and it will last until November 13! Best then to get the important stuff handled as early in the month as possible. This Rx cycle appears in the Skywatch every other year and brings a time better suited to working and planning for a project that begins after Mars resumes direct motion. This is not a good period of time to put new plans into motion or to force the issue. The old lore is: aggressors lose during this cycle of Mars.

      Master astrologer Bill Tierney writes: “this Mars phase can promote a greater susceptibility towards accidents, breakage, arguments, fights and mishaps of varying degrees due to impetuous but irrational behavior, or rash and careless action on someone’s part.” This is an especially difficult time for teenagers and folks with Mars squares in their natal chart who will hard pressed to respond constructively to Mars backing up from 28 to 15 Aries over the next 80 days.

      Adding Mars Rx ups the list of Retrograde planets to six this month as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also continue to back up on the bases and reduce our energy and ability to move projects forward. Retrograde periods are best used reflecting and reviewing past actions and your plans to move forward in the future.

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