There’s lots of fresh air in the Skywatch this month. As six different planets will travel through air signs Libra and Aquarius during parts of September. Jupiter and Saturn continue their flight though liberal and humanitarian Aquarius. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all spend some time in Venus ruled Libra in September. Air is the mental element in astrology. These signs are the talkers, idea folks who excel in communicating and coming up with new solutions and connections. Gemini is the third air sign and these natives are likely to enjoy this shift of energy. This will also be a very good month for all of us to meet new partners in love and work—throw your hat in the ring this month if you are ready for a new relationship.      Just do it as early in the month as possible. Because Mercury again turns Retrograde on Sept 27 in Libra and will remain Rx until Oct 18. There’s big trouble with this Rx cycle as Mercury stalls out in a square to demanding and manipulative Pluto. This square will begin on September 22, hang out and hang out as Mercury backs up on the bases, and will finally be exact again on October 1. This square magnifies the typical problems of this Rx cycle: misunderstandings, break downs of communication devices and machines we use for transportation, bad weather, criminal activity (ruled by Pluto), and with Libra we are all more likely to have arguments and disagreements in important partnerships. Dammit!

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