March Letter

Friends,                                                                                                       March 9, 2018

“If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?”

That’s the thought around western Washington right now and Shelley doesn’t even live here.  We got the worst Winter slap in mid-February when the temp went down to 26 and we got four inches of snow which kept us housebound for a day.  But that was it.  The snow melted the next afternoon.  We got to enjoy the beauty of white fields and evergreen branches heavy with white powder, but we did not suffer at all.

This is the first real Winter I’ve been through in many, many years.  The last time was in 1978 when I was a tv news reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We had a terrible Winter that year and I had to wear long underwear while shooting film stories outside for the evening news.  The worst of it was when I got in my old VW bus one frosty morning, started it, and quickly realized the gas pedal was frozen to the floor of the bus. So, I went inside and got a teapot full of hot water and finally worked the pedal free.

Nothing that difficult happened to us this Winter.  We really enjoyed the crisp days.  And after all the rain and grey skies, our sun breaks are glorious and push the temperature into the high 40’s in the afternoons.  But now…everyone is ready for Spring.  The grocery stores here have wide, covered porches where they stash the shopping carts and huge racks of blooming flowers: hyacinths, primroses, crocuses and daffodils in every color of the rainbow.  Our neighbor has Crocus sativus blooming in his front yard now, the plants that give us saffron – something I never knew.

The tv weathermen now are all counting the days to the Vernal Equinox on March 20.  And it won’t be long before the daffodils and then tulips will fill the fields in LaConner.  We went last year and will go again.  Put a note on your calendar to check out: www.loveLaConner around the first week of April and you’ll get some good pics of the beautiful flowers.  Right now they have huge, snow white trumpeter swans and snow geese wintering over in their fields.  They are both a common sight on our back roads, too.  And we’ve seen three bald eagles in the last two weeks. They are so awesome. The way to see them is to look UP as they are usually sitting in the top of huge trees scouting out the landscape for meals, which can easily include small dogs if you don’t keep them near you and safe.  Woof!


Newsflash – the poet was right.  The high on next Tuesday is forecast to be 66, just under the record high for the date.  Lots of sunshine, too.  Thank you, Lord.


I want to alert you to some special days ahead in the Skywatch.  Take some time to read this issue all the way to the last paragraph and you ’ll have the dates for two major kisses or positive planetary connections to lucky Jupiter that show up in the heavens over the next two months.  This is unusual, very helpful, and is energy you want to take advantage of.  Looking for a companion, a new job, house or car?  Make some plans to adventure/explore and to check out new associations, groups, job listings and opportunities of all kinds in April and May.  There are no big blocking squares in the Skywatch in this time period, just the end of Mercury Retrograde to deal with in the first half of April.  Yes, yes, yes.  Take action and start something positive in your life over the next two months – Jupiter is on your side and things can work out better than you suspect.  As times change.

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