Monday, April 15

Tax day and it is likely to be a disappointment to many as the main event in the Skywatch today is Venus, ruler of money, in square to Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

Spending too much, expecting too much, promising too much are all likely with a Jupiter square on deck.

Meanwhile, the Moon enters practical Virgo at 3:14 am PDT early this morning and then trines friendly Uranus at 6:42 am.

Don’t push your luck in front of the big square that perfects at 4:15 pm Monday afternoon.

A cranky Moon Mars square follows at 8:28 pm.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, April 15

  1. Jack M

    I often find myself having early reactions to aspects. For instance, I am experiencing today’s Moon/Mars square already, and it’s just mid-morning. Anybody else have these reactions ahead of time?

  2. lance Ferguson

    part of the reason, Jack, is that you may have that square in your chart natally…so you are more “sensitive” to it.


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