Monday, April 9

Green lights. A major kiss sets up shop in the Skywatch this week.

Lucky Jupiter will again sextile healing Pluto this coming Saturday. And there are several more kisses or positive planetary connections forming in the heavens at the same time. So this is a very, very good week to schedule important appointments, to interview for a new job, and to start any kind of new positive era/plan in your life.

Pluto rules healers of all kinds and this is a stellar week to find those who can really help you. Sextiles bring us times of opportunity and positive encounters—that’s why you want to take action this week and to explore and reach out for better situations and paths.

Yes, Mercury is still Retrograde in impulsive Aries this week—you know to double-check the details and fine print on anything important. However, things should go according to plan today as the only exact marker in the Skywatch is a kiss, Moon sextile Mercury Rx, exact at 12:16 pm PDT. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, April 9

  1. lance Ferguson

    chalk up all the terrible accidents and crashes of late to Mercury Retrograde…it’s a sad reminder to all of us to be extra careful in traffic during this three week period that appears in the Skywatch three times a year. The next Mercury Rx period begins on July 26 and runs to August 19.

  2. Tremolo

    This time seems to be very bad for crashes and accidents.Are some Merc RX “worse” for certain types of problems. Like malfunctions versus actual accidents, misunderstandings vs the Cold War…hopefully I put that right

  3. lance Ferguson

    this one is in Aries, ruled by agressive and accident prone Mars….the sign Mercury Rxs in points out an area of weakness/trouble. the next one is in Leo, the sign of fathers, presidents, leaders, children, lovers….


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