Monday, August 10

Unsettled. Logical Mercury gets shorted out by contrary and erratic Uranus in a square at 5:52 am PDT early this morning. People change their minds, say crazy things, and make huge mistakes in their thinking with this pair in the Skywatch.

It can also be a time when the truth comes out from someone who didn’t mean to disclose it. This is more likely Monday afternoon when the Moon ”translates” the square as Luna conjuncts Uranus in the heavens at 4:04 pm and then squares Mercury at 6:11 pm.

Problems with computers, cars, and all high-tech stuff are also more likely with Uranus tangled up in a square. This is not a good day to purchase these items or to make promises that stretch the truth.

As times change.

7 thoughts on “Monday, August 10

  1. Stephen

    Also the perfect time to have an already disorganised colleague in charge of a really important press release/programme launch. The square is exact here at 1:15 pm British Summer Time, and I swear, I have already lost all my marbles before my tea break at 11 am. 🙁


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