Monday, August 14

Slow down.  The Moon squares impatient Mars at 7:30 am PDT Monday morning.  However, green lights come on a minute later as the Moon travels on to sextile Venus at 7:49 am.  Energy levels stay high as Luna then trines healing Pluto at 9:33 am.  This is a very good time to be at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, or the vet’s.

Clear skies follow until the Sun and Moon hook up in a challenging Square at 6:15 pm.  Here the Sun in Leo pushes his ego out into the world while the emotional and determined Moon in Taurus wants recognition, too.

A confusing Void of Course cycle follows until the Moon enters Gemini tomorrow morning.  Caution lights come on with Mercury Rx now.  And there may be a deeper issue working to the surface Monday afternoon and evening.

Venus is lining up opposite to Pluto in the heavens, often experienced as a challenge to relationships – and this energy is cooking on Monday.

Pay extra attention to the kids and critters tonight and lock up.

As times change.

8 thoughts on “Monday, August 14

  1. Jack M

    I think this Mercury retrograde is going to be a doozy. I felt it coming on and it’s already messing with my mind. Hang on folks!

  2. Alexia

    I can feel it as well. Does Lance have any advice on anything we can do to help us get through times like this? It does help to know what’s going on for sure. I’m wondering, does Lance do anything like extra meditation to help the energy move through? I like to think regular acupuncture treatments for relaxation and meditation helps.
    Any suggestions Lance?

  3. lance Ferguson

    yup…this Mercury Rx is in Virgo, Mercury’s home sign, which makes this period a bit worse…
    I don’t have any tricks…mostly think twice about buying anything and don’t…you are not likely to be pleased. patience is key now…not rushing things as that’s when you are most likely to make a mistake with Mercury’s help. But no, I don’t have any tricks to get through this period. Knowing about it and slowing down is about the best I can do to give you help. Knowing the house Mercury is in also gives you a clue as the area of your life most impacted. This one is in my second house of money…so I will be extra careful paying bills and making purchases. A good sense of humor is helpful now…as times change.

  4. lance Ferguson

    there is no Solar Eclipse tonight…it’s Aug 21…it’s a New Moon…time to plant seeds…
    the old lore is that the power of this time shows up in six months. or when other planets
    hit the hot spot which is 28 Leo. notable: Mercury stops his Rx cycle on 28 leo.

  5. lance Ferguson

    yup…Jack…Merc in your 12th house of fear/secrets is probably the most difficult spot for Mercury to Rx in…hold off on making important decisions while this is going on if you can…and don’t let yourself dwell on negative stuff…times will change.


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