Monday, August 28

Stick to routine this morning.  The Moon enters the unfocused Void of Course cycle at 2:38 am PDT and remains V/C until she enters optimistic Sagittarius at 12:48 pm.  Mercury Retrograde is liable to bite you when the Moon squares Mercury Rx at 4:41 pm.  Be certain to double-check the details then.

The payoff on Monday is a sweet kiss at 7:48 pm when the Moon trines loving Venus in the heavens. Trines blend the energies of the involved parties and usually bring out the best in the planets.

Squares, on the other hand, are stressful as both elements strive for recognition.  A big square shows up late Monday night as the Sun and Moon square at 1:13 am early Tuesday morning.  No fun in that one.  Call it early.

As times change.


6 thoughts on “Monday, August 28

  1. lance Ferguson

    We watch with horror the flooding in Texas…we lived in Houston for two years…still have friends there….we lived not far from Buffalo Bayou …we know how bad it is when major freeways have six feet of water on them…and the destruction on the coast…we lived there and shopped in Rockport…we know the streets and see the old buildings destroyed…horrible. Most of the coast was poor, although a lot of rich folks have second homes there. Now, no water, no power, no food and snakes and gators on the loose (we had them in our back yard canal) as the Skeeters form squadrons…everything bites in Texas…and yes, Mercury Rx strikes us all…looking at the day’s post.

    1. Cosmic Librarian

      I was born in Corpus Christi, spent my childhood in Alice, and grandparents and other family members lived in George West, Woodsboro, and Refugio. I remember Hurricane Carla very well from going through it in my childhood. Fortunately, I have no family left living down that way, and now they live here in Central Texas near Austin. We got lots of rain and wind here too, but no comparison to the communities to the East and South of of us. News media is overlooking the rural and farming and ranching areas between here and the coast. Besides the rain, the rivers are breaching their banks too. I have yet to see news, other than in Houston, of the devastation of livestock and wildlife that is going on, although fire ant islands floating in Houston went ‘viral’ yesterday. Having grown up in an area where everything does indeed “bite”, the mosquitos alone will cause a huge problem in the weeks to come. Small towns between here and the coast are pretty much on their own, and also isolated due to the flooding. Things are far from over, and the damage far from being assessed. While many will recover, Texas will never be quite the same, and ‘The Texas Miracle’ will be in the rearview mirror for years to come. This is a far-reaching event that will affect the whole country, economically and politically (That’s already started).
      Texans are a tough bunch, but also some pretty big hearts are coming out of hiding. We did not want any of this to happen, and it hurts like the dickens.. But maybe, on some level, we needed this to happen.

  2. lance Ferguson

    you are right, CL……the little towns and farms are all on their own…remember Odem? wind destroyed the big silo there…little town on the rail line…and in all the little cities are where the big trees are and likely to fall with the ground so wet. Rockport is destroyed…Aransas Pass,too.
    sad, sad…god bless them all.

    1. Cosmic Librarian

      Odem? Oh, yeah! ()My aunt and uncle lived there for a while.) !And Sinton, Agua Dulce, and others, and my mother graduated from high school in Orange Grove. Up this way, Not many are paying attention to little communities like La Grange, Carmine, and others being affected by not only rain, but river flooding. I don’t think most people have grasped the scope of this event, including a lot of Texans, especially the newbies. I lived most of my childhood near the Gulf Coast, with about 5 years in Bryan/College Station, and over 30 years in the Austin area.
      My son is a first lieutenant in the Guard, and he got the call yesterday. I already know that this will change him. A lot.


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