Monday, August 3

Emotional rebellion is one way to translate the activity in the Skywatch this morning.

A Full Moon in Aquarius that squares/challenges sign ruler Uranus pulls exact at 8:59 am PDT Monday morning. Surprises and odd reactions to your plans and thinking are likely around your home or office. Additional communication challenges are likely as restless Mercury opposes stubborn Saturn at 2:00 pm.

More trouble is brewing Monday night. A helpful Moon Mars sextile at 11:45 pm is overshadowed by Mars lining up in a square to overconfident and opinionated Jupiter.

Likely the cops will be busy Monday night. Mars rules speeding and violence. Jupiter rules the law. Slow down and keep your cool tonight.

As times change.

1 thought on “Monday, August 3

  1. lance ferguson

    Note who comes into your life today. Kindly Venus sits next to the North Node of the Moon today…this energy has been around for a couple of days and is the idea of meeting a good friend to be…someone you just “feel” is a good person. The North Node is a symbol of old karmic buddies…so trust the feeling you get if you meet someone today and just know they are a good influence in your life…likely to be true. this is also a very good time to do a favor and to put some money in your karmic bank account. As times change.


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