Monday, August 7

High energy and positive.

A charged up Full Moon in Aquarius, exact at 11:11 am PDT is bound to move the emotional needle in most folks this morning, and unsettle the second-grade reading group.

Conclusions, agreements, and finalizing matters are all common events during a Full Moon.  This one is also a Lunar Eclipse, a special lunation that has more juice and power – often showing up in our lives at “the turning point.”

Afternoon hours are splendid for priority appointments and business as the Moon travels on to trine lucky Jupiter at 4:06 pm and then sextile dependable Saturn at 10:340 pm Monday night.

Both markers invite your participation in events that benefit you in some way.  Clear skies follow.

As times change.


Be looking for new opportunities this year, Leo.

Good ones are out there waiting for you – that’s one message in your new Solar Return shown by lucky Jupiter in alignment with your Sun in a sextile.

This combination also means you are likely to meet important men and to gain favor through them in the months ahead.  Your spiritual studies can take you deep this year as Venus trines Neptune in this chart of your new year.  This could mean you find a love that never ends, Leo.

Take every opportunity to meet new people and to go where you haven’t gone before. With my Leo rising, I know something about your soul, Leo. And my best advice is:  Don’t watch yourself, just get involved, people like your fire, and things will work out.

Times have changed.

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