Monday, December 4

The devil is in the details with Mercury now Retrograde in idealistic Sagittarius until December 22.

Suggest you save receipts when you buy gifts during the Rx period in case you get the wrong size/color, and I also suggest you shop early for the most popular items which may be out of stock in the weeks ahead.

Expect unusual weather, delays in most matters including shipments, and problems with the machines we use to communicate and travel with, including cars, computers, and phones.

Morning hours are the best of the day for important calls and business as the Moon trines eager Mars at 7:57 am PST. Challenging ideas and actions are more likely as Luna travels on to oppose perfectionist Saturn at 9:46 am and then oppose Mercury Rx at 11:13 am.

Caution lights come on a minute later as Luna turns Void of course until she enters home sign Cancer at 12:37 pm. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

1 thought on “Monday, December 4

  1. Alexia

    Had to evacuate from huge fire where I live at 12:00 . Hopefully our house stays safe. Please send prayers and positive thoughts


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