Monday, December 9

Positive energy is building in the Skywatch this week. The headliner is a wonderful trine between lucky Jupiter and the rulers of changes, Uranus, which will be exact next Sunday and in power all this week.

One astrologer says of this trine and the time it signals in our life: “there is no better time to make a change than NOW.” Whatever you’ve been putting off waiting for the right time, here it is. And there is a supportive line-up of positive markers over the next seven days, giving you lots of opportunities to start something special in your life or to leave a situation that is no longer to your advantage.

Green lights are up on Monday to get the ball rolling as the Moon in practical Taurus sextiles creative Neptune at 6:21 am PST, trines agreeable Venus at 8:07 am, and then trines realistic Saturn at 11:54 am. This is a stellar line-up for priority meetings, purchases, and sales calls.

Another kiss follows as Luna travels on to trine healing Pluto at 5:12 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

As times change.

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