Monday, February 12

Be open to compromise.

The Moon, still in determined Capricorn, meets intense Pluto in the heavens at 11:21 am PST Monday morning. This conjunction could inspire a great team effort and/or a temper tantrum from someone in power.

Afternoon hours are much better for important calls and business as Luna travels on to sextile or harmonize with optimistic Jupiter at 3:42 pm. A little emotional static, maybe something unexpected, is likely Monday evening as the Moon squares contrary Uranus at 9:43 pm.

Quiet hours follow.

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Monday, February 12

  1. JJ

    Hi Lance, I’m currently traveling overseas. If 15+ K and 16+ Q, and I’m about a day ahead, is it best to sign something on my 15th or on my 16th/ US 15th? What if I already gave a verbal on 7th US? Thank you!

  2. Mari

    Hi Lance,
    Any insight on this period between eclipses? Things feel stuck and trudging to get stuff done, a little like Merc retro. It seems dark now, hoping for a shift at the full moon. Thanks, Mari

  3. lance Ferguson

    JJ….there’s no big problem with your choices…best day to sign things is on the Solar Eclipse on Feb 15….no problem with signing on the 7th….

    Mari…this sounds like stuff in your natal chart…most folks feel an energy surge between the Eclipses…this sounds like Mars in your 12th house, the weakest spot for him.


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