Monday, February 15

Green lights are up on President’s Day.  And if you’ve been paying attention you realize this is the fifth good day in a row in the Skywatch – a rarity.

The Moon in fiery Aries sextiles Retrograde Mercury at 8:50 am PST and sails on to sextile wise Jupiter at 10:22 am.  These markers make the morning hours stellar for work or play. 

Clear skies follow until evening hours when the Moon sextiles affectionate Venus at 7:40 pm and good vibes are in the air. 

As times change.

1 thought on “Monday, February 15

  1. lance ferguson

    Here we go..Saturn, cold, square Uranus, electricity, is now the story over much of the U.S….this is a good example of astrology. we know the square is coming and the pieces, but we can’t tell you the specific event. Timing is another unpredictable element, but we have some hints and know that the power in an event like this in the heavens usually precedes the exact moment of contact,. although Uranus tends to play his own game and often “catches fire” at the near exact day and time.
    Saturn squares Uranus on Feb 17 11:07 am PST. Note your local time of this event and don’t be in a vulnerable spot during Wednesday morning. Outcomes are up to God and our actions. This is a good lesson on what you get from a timing reading in astrology. You will know whether the planets will kiss each other or square, and you will know the timing. Outcome: “Will I find a partner?” the question most asked is it’s up to you. Astrology does not predict outcomes. If you get out on the dance floor when Venus arrives, it can happen. But hiding out in your bedroom at that moment won’t get you a kiss. Free will is always at work. Astrology is about explaining the energy around you so you can choose to use it to your advantage.
    Advice for getting past the hard square this week; don’t press your luck, or make radical changes. Stick to jobs at hand. Ignoring responsibilities now can bring on major problems in the future.
    Be very careful with electricity and pay extra attention to the kids and critters as small problems can get out of hand with these two giants locked up in combat. These planets rule Aquarius and will likely put some stress in the house Aquarius rules in your chart – and add an extra dose to those with Aquarian Suns and planets.


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