Monday, February 3

Talk, talk.  The Moon enters mercurial Gemini at 3:29 am early this morning and flies out into quiet skies.  This is a good day to place your order and to communicate your wishes.  

Green lights are up as another lovely Venus connection appears in the heavens at 2:01 pm PST when she lines up in an opportunistic sextile to dependable Saturn.  This is a stellar hour for important appointments with authority figures (Saturn) who have the power to help or heal you (Venus).  

Just be certain of your facts today and listen closely to others as Logical Mercury enters dreamy and dialed out Pisces at 3:37 am Monday morning. This pair increases your creativity and imagination but gets off track very easily.  Clear skies Monday night suggest a good time for long-distance calls and clucking to friends as times change.

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