Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

A Full Moon in sensitive Cancer usually inspires folks to say what they feel and to feel a lot. This one lines up opposite Venus at 3:28 pm PST Monday afternoon.

The Full Moon becomes exact at 6:24 pm. This is a good day to end something negative in your life for good. The emotional Moon travels on to trine gentle Neptune at 6:53 pm and then trine eager Mars at 11:41 pm. Dreams can be powerful and helpful tonight as the Sun sextiles dream maker Neptune early Tuesday morning.

New Year’s resolutions get a big shot of energy this month as Jupiter makes a welcome sextile to healing Pluto on January 15.  Major events in the Skywatch have the most power in the moments/days leading up to the exact contact.  In this case, we are all entering a two-week period of time when our ability to succeed increases—start something positive, a kind of healing, in your life as the New Year begins.  Check back with me on the 15th.

As times change.

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