Monday, January 8

Get an early start.  Green lights.

The Skywatch is loaded with positive aspects Monday morning. Three in a row light up the heavens as the Sun and Venus both sextile optimistic Jupiter while Mars sextiles Pluto at 11:52 am PST.

This is a superb time to interview for a job or to present your case to the boss. An emotional overload puts more stress into afternoon hours as the Moon squares Venus, the Sun and Pluto all by 3:16 pm. Quack, quack, quack.

The mood changes completely as the Sun, Venus, and Pluto all meet in the heavens late Monday night. This is passionate energy that can heal all kinds of situations and make love grow or this energy can follow a dark path to manipulation and greed.

It’s not amateur hour—Pluto inspires the best and worst in his contacts—the choice is yours.

As times change.

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